Across the country (the long way) in a Tesla S

This is actually not something I would have thought was possible, but it turns out that the miracle that is the KOA campground is the easiest to find electric vehicle charging station – whoda thunk?

This rather enjoyable blog features a young couple’s journey from the SF bay area, where they picked up a Tesla S, to DC where they dropped it off – just to see what would happen.

What are the two big takeaways?

1) Well, it CAN be done.  Right now. This month even.

2) The solutions to some perceived problems may come from corners you aren’t even considering.  KOA as a “gas” station. Need I say more?

Obviously not everyone would try this hard, waiting around for a 110v outlet to make it to the next real charging facility would be pretty soul crushing for anyone in a hurry, but I am pretty sure EV denser areas won’t have a recognizable different for gas vs. EV vehicles in the next decade.  It turns out that there’s electricity almost everywhere.

-The Ohmsteader

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