Grid Connected Vehicles as Mobile Generators

The folks over at  have a nice article on plug in electric vehicles that also generate electricity for the grid.

The article is about PG&E, no small owner of fleet vehicles, and their interest in bootstrapping Chevy-volt like technology for range expanded EVs that rely on an on-board electrical generator.

Their after market to the after market mod of a Chevy Silverado is, apparently, designed to bring 125kW of grid deliverable capacity in the form of an on board battery and a generator.  At $100K these aren’t cheap trucks, but they are designed to help power whole neighborhoods, not individual houses.

The cool thing is, the same reasoning applies to a car like the Volt, or really any electric car with a large enough battery that you can run your house off of for a few hours and still drive to work the next day with the remaining charge.

While PG&E thinks about this issue in terms of supplying power when traditional power plants aren’t online, there’s no reason why the technology can’t apply to folks who would just rather buy their electricity from their neighborhood solar battery charging facility or whatever people will think of as common sense when gasoline costs $20 a gallon.

-The Ohmsteader

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