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Grid Parity – Part 2

In the previous post we started to define grid parity by talking about how much it costs to supply electricity to your house. The other half of the equation that defines grid parity is how much it costs to make your own electricity. As with all things related to the electricity industry there is no [...]

Across the country (the long way) in a Tesla S

This is actually not something I would have thought was possible, but it turns out that the miracle that is the KOA campground is the easiest to find electric vehicle charging station – whoda thunk? This rather enjoyable blog features a young couple’s journey from the SF bay area, where they picked up a Tesla [...]

Grid Connected Vehicles as Mobile Generators

The folks over at plugincars.com  have a nice article on plug in electric vehicles that also generate electricity for the grid. The article is about PG&E, no small owner of fleet vehicles, and their interest in bootstrapping Chevy-volt like technology for range expanded EVs that rely on an on-board electrical generator. Their after market to [...]

Welcome Ohmsteaders!

As you may or may not know, the Ohm is the scientific measurement of the unit of resistance, r.  It’s a pretty big deal. Really. So when it came to naming a blog site I had a hard time beating having ohm somewhere in the mix. As it happened I realized that resistance is a [...]